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Custom Orthotics in Quarryville PA

person tying their shoesYour feet are your foundation. Responsible for supporting the entirety of your body, their misalignment is often the source of a range of symptoms. If you have been struggling with foot-related aches and pains—look no further. Georgetown Tonal Chiropractic proudly offers Foot Levelers custom orthotics to restore balance and keep you comfortable.

Our practice recommends Foot Levelers custom orthotics to help keep you aligned, promote bodily harmony, and encourage lasting comfort and wellness.

Why Custom Orthotics?

Did you know there are three arches in the foot? Custom orthotics, such as Foot Levelers, address the whole foot by evenly distributing pressure among each arch. Foot Levelers not only relieve foot-relate complaints, but they also correct foot abnormalities that may be worsening your symptoms. Whether you suffer from high arches, collapsed arches, low back pain, knee pain, or ankle pain—custom orthotics can help.

Injury Prevention and Better Function

Custom orthotics are not solely for those already in discomfort. Foot Levelers serve as an excellent preventative measure, favored by everyday walkers and professional athletes alike. They improve your foot and leg mobility, enhance motion control, reduce muscle fatigue, and keep your body in optimal position.

No pain? No problem. Custom orthotics are known to prevent injury and heighten overall function. Be sure to contact us to find out if they may be right for you.

A Quick and Easy Solution

Your custom orthotics can be designed in as little as 15 minutes. Upon arrival to your appointment, we will have you step into a mold that forms around your feet. We will then send your mold to Foot Levelers for them to begin working on your custom orthotic inserts or custom orthotic shoes. In three to four days—your custom orthotics will arrive and become your new best friend. Walk with confidence with the help of our flexible custom orthotics.

Make An Appointment

We are here to help you determine if custom orthotics are right for you. If you are intrigued by Foot Levelers, contact us to find out more.


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