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About Georgetown Tonal Chiropractic

our team smilingFounded by Dr. Gregory Bedesem, Georgetown Tonal Chiropractic has had the honor of serving Quarryville and surrounding areas for nearly two decades. Since our beginning, we have remained dedicated to bettering the tone, health, and wellness of our community through the gentle art of chiropractic tonal adjusting.

Here, we are committed to empowering you to take back your health. Our warm and compassionate practice provides a safe space for practice members of all ages and conditions to harness their innate ability to heal and thrive.


Our Philosophy: Empowering Natural Healing

Our practice is guided by the belief that the human body was designed to self-heal. Through comprehensive, specific chiropractic care, we tap the body’s power to heal itself. From the moment our doors opened to the public, our mission has been to address the underlying source each practice member’s aches and pains—ultimately, lending to a healthy nervous system and unhindered well-being.

Leading with Passion and Understanding

We approach chiropractic care with a deep-rooted passion for natural healing. Inspired by his personal experience with chiropractic, Dr. Greg understands its benefits firsthand. His compassion and dedication to upholding the principles of chiropractic philosophy informs every practice member interaction and decision our practice makes. Together, we can ensure that you receive the brain-based, practice member-centered care you deserve.

Why Quarryville?

Dr. Greg carefully chose our practice location. Recognizing a shared understanding of holistic health and wellness, he was drawn to our community’s receptiveness to chiropractic care and other natural healthcare alternatives. It was this synergy that affirmed his decision to put down roots in Quarryville.

Feel Better, Live Well

Whether you are seeing relief from discomfort or hope to maintain well-being, our practice is here to support you every step of the way. Our practice is rooted in experience, compassion, and genuine commitment to your wellness journey. Today is the day to begin feeling better and living well. We cannot wait to get to know you and cheer you on as you move closer to ultimate health. Book your visit!


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