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Quarryville Chiropractor

Dr. Gregory Bedesem

Dr. Gregory Bedesem, D.C.,

has been in chiropractic practice for 35 years.

Using a whole-body approach to chiropractic, Dr. Greg understands that increasing the harmonious interplay of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves encourages our bodies to experience greater health.

Dr. Greg derives natural joy in supporting his patients as they thrive amidst life’s hills and valleys. His best reward is seeing his patients enjoy continual strength, health, and independence!




Lea contributes 30+ years of organization, training, and customer service expertise to run the office smoothly and enjoyably for everyone.

Patients love her sunny disposition and ability to accommodate their preferred health improvement schedule.

Lea ensures that each month the children have beautiful pictures to
color and display around the office for everyone’s enjoyment.

Quarryville Chiropractor

Lea Cisney

Quarryvile Chiropractor





Anne joined us with a background in teaching, IT, and retail, which benefit a flourishing health practice.  

She typically is the one who performs your thermal and electromagnetic diagnostic scans.  She also creates our informative monthly newsletters.

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